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Re: New package for macOS 5.1.2 stable including ngspice-30 ?


On 2019-07-01 16:38, Nick Østergaard wrote:
Good news, it seems like we managed to make the kicad-mac-packaging
scripts happy.

After upgrading to ngspice 30 we had to update the include path for
some unknown reason. But it seems like it should work now. The first
build has been pushed to the nightly download location. It is not been
repackaged for stable. I guess Adam will handle that if we don't
release a 5.1.3 before.

But I don't think it is ready for primetime yet, first user of the build says:

<{HD}> haha so hitting the play button crashed all of kicad
<{HD}> yep, just tried again. The whole thing crashes.
<{HD}> This is fun and all but I am going out for dinner. I will be
back in a few hours.

So if anyone else on mac could try it out? Maybe you Jeff can try it out?
I think he tested the unified version:

Hi Nick-

Tested with latest nightly and it works nicely on 10.14.3. I used the simulations in the demos folder.


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