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Re: GitLab migration


ti 12. marrask. 2019 klo 11.04 Andrew Lutsenko (anlutsenko@xxxxxxxxx)

> I think there is value in having all the history in one place. Add to that
> much more efficient search utilities and looking up history a year later
> will be a lot easier if all of it is in gitlab and not split.
> Just my 2c.
> Andrew

Every now and then I try to search for old reports which have been fixed
and released. I may not remember if something has been reported and fixed,
or remember vaguely something related to some new bug. But not very far
back in time because I didn't live when 4.0.0 was released :) I can see
value in having for example all fixes for 5.1 series in the same place than
the active reports, but definitely not old v4 bugs and probably not v5.0.

Eeli Kaikkonen