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Re: Was the initial graphics mode screen removed?


Le 11/01/2022 à 21:59, Jon Evans a écrit :
The current offerings (e.g. bgfx) are generally multi-platform but without the software fallback option.

OK, got it.

I just had a look at bgfx, seems neat.

BTW, the |bgfx|::|||Init()| fuction seems to accept a |BGFX_PCI_ID_SOFTWARE_RASTERIZER| parameter, may be the trick (or not...)

Now, I totally agree that there is no point to develop/support a private, updated, fallback rendering engine from scratch in the future.

Yes, OpenGL will likely remain supported on systems other than Windows/Mac for now at least, but we at some point will have to decide if we want to bump our minimum OpenGL version to something higher than 2.1.

Do you intend to support an new backend on  MacOS and Windows only, and keep the current OpenGL backend on Linux (can't see a good reason for this) ? If it were me, I wouldn't touch the current rendering code (i.e. like switching to OpenGL 4.x), and devote all the future effort toward the integration of the new graphics backend on all platforms.

From my previous tests (Kicad 5.99), I can say that any speed bottleneck is likely NOT in the rendering engine, but in the rest of the code. I can't count how many Boost:: containers are scanned, and even temporarily created and deleted, when you play with the graphics elements in the schematics !
(The 3D viewer is a different matter).


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