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Re: V6 documentation


Am 19.01.22 um 18:12 schrieb Steven A. Falco:

I don't disagree, but really, we could say that everything is always
outdated - the code, the libs etc.  I have to pick a point in time,
and create packages as of that point - currently that point is when a
new release is tagged.  I.e., it is a manual process - I have to
consciously create the packages, and it then takes a week or so for
the packages to sit in the testing repositories before being released
to general users.  I have no control over that process.


The main part of the Linux distributions are simply not intended to build as rolling release. There is simply no way to "work around" this within the rule set of these distributions.

Users that want to follow some nightly and so called releases will need to use distribution/flavor A or B or C that can and will support this.

But I haven't seen a serious usage of what Linux DE ever that was build on distributions that are using a rolling release model.