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Re: Fwd: Grub Install Bug @Lubuntu-10.04 (Distribution Release)


On Mon, 28 Jun 2010 08:42:50 +0100
Richard Austin <richaustin1961@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> As Goh Lip said in one of his posts on this subject: Alpha versions
> are not for newbies. Exactly why Canonical are shipping Grub 2 when
> they know it isn't a full release I don't personally know. They have
> their reasons i guess. I haven't had any issues myself with Grub but
> then I'm not a newbie. I would be hesitant, however, to point a
> newbie at a system where there is a chance it will break. They sure
> as hell wont come back to *nix if it does.
> I think that since there are issues with Grub it would be a good idea
> to move away from it and use something which doesn't have issues.
> Moaning at the LUbuntu team does no-one any good, and it really
> annoys me when people complain about non-production versions of
> software "breaking" - they haven't broken they have bugs which is why
> they're in Alpha / Beta releases! If you can't fix it you shouldn't
> have been using it - simple huh?
> Rich

Richard, some of the reasoning to use grub2 can be found at 

Personally, and on top of these reasons, my take on it is....
o grub-legacy has not been maintained for a long time  (5 years?) 
   note others try to fill the void by super grub, etc.
o the rescue mode to help boot  when parameters are wrong
o the setting to (grub) boot by uuid instead of (hd0,x) and /dev/sdax
   where it will always be wrong with multiple disks
o When booting from external disk, the partition will always be (hd0,1)
   regardless of actual allocation and grub-legacy will fail
o modular construct where new innovations/additions need not require
   the whole grub system be rebuilt
o ability to boot iso direct by looping, (useful to test alpha's
   without installing to hard disk) and other utility disks.
o ability to handle raid and lvm, despite initial problems,
   (grub-legacy and definitely lilo could not.)

Richard, even at the introduction of grub2, it is far far superior to
grub-legacy, and the only fault is the lack of documentation to assist
users. Also many people are already familiar with grub-legacy and the
ease to modify menu.lst makes using grub2 a harder task. It is always
easier to learn a new task than to unlearn an old one.

Since you mentioned you are not a newbie, can you remember using
LILO?   ;)  [roaring laughter]  LOL

Take care. Regards - Goh Lip
I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas.
I'm frightened of the old ones.

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