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Re: Fwd: Grub Install Bug @Lubuntu-10.04 (Distribution Release)


On 06/28/2010 05:23 PM, Richard Austin wrote:
Yorvyk - I stand corrected on Grub 2 being in Alpha - I hadn't realised it came out of beta.
Goh - I wasn't criticising Grub 2 since I have had no problems with it myself. I have heard others have and particularly with external drives as you mentioned. Since an awful lot of people are going to "give Linux a try" on an external drive it is not too good that it will most likely fail.

Yes, I know that, Richard. Thought I add more reading material for you.
And yes, I was very impressed with grub2. The objections to it when it was first introduced was high, but I understand the reactions as the documentation for it was almost non-existent. And menu.lst is far far easier to modify and still is.

I do remember LILO - never did get it to work reliably myself. My first try at Linux wasn't successful because of it as I recall and I had to use Windows at the time because of a course I was taking. As a result I didn't properly adopt Linux until about 3 years ago. Now you wont get me away from it - except at work where I have no choice cos everything is flaming Microsoft! When I get my own company running it will all be Linux and no Windows in sight thankyou!


The reason I mentioned LILO is that it is the major reason at that time why people trying out linux just gave up. I too almost invariably end up with a blinking cursor on a dark screen for any new installation. With grub-legacy, it is much better but with systems with more than 1 hard disk, it's usually a guessing game when modifying the menu.lst to try to boot. That's why people need to modify it continually. And when booting to external disk, it is always (hd0,1) and of course, that is in grub-speak, the first partition of the hard disk, never the external, and will not boot unless the menu.lst gets modified again.

Just glad to talk to someone who understands.

Regards and take care - Goh Lip