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Re: wiki artwork reordered


On Sun, 30 Jan 2011 18:26:02 +0100
神癒礁湖 "(Rafael Laguna)" <rafaellaguna@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Do you mean that Murrine is resource hungry? I don't think so, Aurora or
> Equinox are, not Murrine (and I promise that Andrea doesn't pay to
> me :) ).  The only way to be sure is uploading the last package and
> testing by yourself. I have this installed as a hybrid 10.10 / 11.04
> distro (packages from here and there) with Ozone over Murrine and it
> runs as fast as last theme.
> So, what's next?

Next is to do this testing package :)
I didn't say it's ressource hungry, I said we need to test it to be sure it's not ;)

Julien Lavergne

Julien Lavergne <gilir@xxxxxxxxxx>