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Re: Lubuntu development process documentation, etc.


Le samedi 12 février 2011 à 19:32 -0800, Jonathan Marsden a écrit :
> > Also we need to form a bug reporting & triaging page for Lubuntu
> > where we can link the already documented resources of Ubuntu which
> > are common to Lubuntu. Adding information about how to subscribe and
> > report bug related to Lubuntu.
> How is that different from how to subscribe and report bugs in other
> Ubuntu flavours?  Launchpad is the same for subscribing to bugs, and the
> ubuntu-bug program is in Lubuntu just as it is in other flavours, as far
> as I know.
> If there is no difference, then we should (IMO) not create a special
> separate Lubuntu page -- doing so just makes Lubuntu appear more
> different than it really is from the other ubuntu's.

There is already a specific page for Lubuntu :

> >> What particular aspects of Lubuntu's development do you find 
> >> undocumented, that you would like to work on?  Which Lubuntu
> >> specific bugs are you trying to develop fixes for?
> > I was trying to work on lxpanel bugs.
> That's LXDE development more than Lubuntu development, but OK.
> > I tried to search for its development documentation but could not
> > find a good resource except a small wiki page.
> I'd guess that the number of developers of lxpanel is so small there may
> not be a fully realized "team culture" for it yet, or else those who are
> working on it are experienced developers who have not yet made the time
> to create developer docs.  If you have specific questions you can email
> PCMan, whose email address is the top one in the list of developers in
> the AUTHORS file in the source tarball of lxpanel.

I'll will add that original author of lxpanel have quit the LXDE project
recently, so don't expect much help from him :/

> > As developer, we can focus 1 package at a time .First trying to 
> > collect all the information of that package as developer point of
> > view. Then create a wiki page (taking help of our WIKI team) for it
> > and add all the information to it and link it to Developer knowledge
> > base area. After that we can work on bug fixing of that package and
> > update more information from our experience.This way we will able to
> > focus on our target and will create a knowledge base area for new
> > developers.
> I think persuading Julien and I to focus on one particular package for a
> while is ... unlikely to succeed :)  Like every other volunteer, we'll
> do stuff we want to do, fix bugs of interest to us, etc.  And you should
> do the same.
But you can plan to work on a specific package on your own :)
Time to organise more IRC meetings to organise a bit more our work :)

Julien Lavergne

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