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Re: Documentation for new features in MariaDB


On Thu, 13 Aug 2009 11:17:08 +0300, "Oleksandr \"Sanja\" Byelkin"
<sanja@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Oleksandr> I see one problem with Wiki-like markups - they are not
Oleksandr> designed to get result as hard copy (book/brochure) IMHO it
Oleksandr> is big disadvantage, some people like to read something
Oleksandr> material or at least PDF :)

The reason I like creole markup is because it is easy to pick up and
lowers the barriers to entry for potential contributors.

The other reason for liking creole (and why we will not be using a wiki
platform like mediawiki for our online docs) is that we can take one of
the existing creole parsers (or write our own) and embed it into
anything we want. Creole is not a wiki, it is simply an easy-to-use
markup language which several wikis use.

We aren't yet at a stage where we've even begun to make plans for
what to do on the subject of printed documentation. However, after
putting on my speculation hat, I can say this: creole markup has a
logical structure, and it is possible to create something which
translates creole-formatted documents into something which eventually
results in a pdf suitable for printing.

Daniel Bartholomew