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Re: MariaDB 10.1 uses huge amount of memory onWndows


frankly i have enough of your childish attitude

the only one beeing egocentric and abusive in that thread is you and if you are not interested in somebody try to exlain you things just refrain to post on public mailing lists

i don't give a damn if you learn something new

but given that i don't post often at all on this list piss on somebody elses feet!

Am 22.11.2014 um 19:28 schrieb Peter Laursen:
As I have told 3 times now, wlad explained this. It is related to the
MySQlL 10.1 installe rfor Wndows. But what has not been solved is
Harald's egocentric desire to espose his own perfection (as it appears
in his own mind and *absolutely* nowhere else). I think it is basic
*netetiquette* to reply to questions (and not reply to no-questions).
If somebody thinks (s)he has something improtant to say, they should
start their own thread and PISS OFF from threads of other users.

Harald has harassed me for 2+  years now with his stupid and egocentric
replies that were not helpfull at all in relation to the question asked
(it was always like "see how smart I am - and I am smarter than you").

On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 6:10 PM, Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    blabla, problem solved?

    2014-11-22 14:07 GMT-02:00 Peter Laursen <peter_laursen@xxxxxxxxxx

        @Harald .. could you please stop communicating  in this thread.
        I have already asked you (as a person that irritates me) to
        ignore me and my mails to MariaDB mailing lists for all future.
        Communicating with you leads nowhere.  You only want to prove
        your big ego tthe world.

        @moderator .. please help/conclude!

        -- Peter

        On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 4:45 PM, Reindl Harald
        <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

            Am 22.11.2014 um 15:19 schrieb Peter Laursen:

                I have no problem now. Wlad explained (@harald: can'tyou
                read? .

            then you should not have responded the following below which
            was the reason i tried to point you to "virtual memory"
            leading to a *smart-ass answer* of you "i disabled virtual

            >> It seems that Windows does not get true information  from the VM
            >> process. Also when task manager displays 19-20 GB of memory use
            >> in total, Windows will start complaining that it is about to run
            >> of of memory and programs should be closed  So it seems that
            >> around 10 GB memory used by VMs are unaccounted for when it happens

            no - *that* is the point of virtual memory

            alloacted != pyhiscally used, any apache fork process on our
            main server shows 1600 MB virtual memory which is *not* real
            memory, the difference in that case is (mostly) zend-opcache
            mmaped memory shared between all the workers

            the same for MariaDB: virtual memory 9000 MB / resident
            memory 6000 MB

            frankly the innodb buffer pool setting alone don't say
            anything, it's a virtual allocation until it get filled and
            used over time

                But a moderator woudd bevery much appreciated here

            because you can't set a filter in your MUA?

                @harald: please ignore me COMPLETELY from now on. My nerves
                cannot tolerate you!

            i will do so because you are not worth the time wasted
            trying to explain you basic technology since you feel
            attacked by get corrected and react as a smart ass

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