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Re: Creating Custom Storage Engine


Hi, Jonathan!

On Jul 20, Jonathan Ellithorpe wrote:
> Hmm... thanks for pointing that out about system metadata caching. I'll
> have the solve the problem of MariaDB thinking something exists
> (table/index/...) when it doesn't, or thinking that something doesn't exist
> when it does....

We have a solution for that, see

It was initially created exactly for this problem - when many MySQL
servers connect to the same NDB cluster, and the table is created on one
node and used on another.

Note that to support for SQL semantics you might need some kind of a
distributed lock manager. For example, the server does not expect table
metadata to change *while the UPDATE is running*. Or if SELECT needs to
do multiple table scans, it expects to see the same set or rows in all
these table scans.

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