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Re: Which binaries include support for compression zstd and lz4?


> I did remake it, didn't know it was in your PR.
> My fix was almost exactly the same as yours, down to missing underscores
> in the error message. I've had one change inside Findzstd.cmake, but
> that's the only difference.
> In my defense, I've done it in 10.3, where the bug was introduced.
> My commits are still in the stage branch, so if you'd like I can push
> your commit instead.

Yes, I would appreciate that. In general, all of my PRs that have
multiple commits are built so that each commit is pretty much
self-standing and you are free to cherry-pick commits from them if you
don't want to merge the entire PR.

There are also other PRs where I have fixed or polished things from
your previous commits. I know you are very busy with many things, but
maybe it would after all save you some time to review those PRs and
merge them in full or partially to avoid yourself having to spend time
on fixing issues that are already fixed. For example today I
self-assigned myself a MDEV you had assigned and the fix is pending
for review already.