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Re: Which binaries include support for compression zstd and lz4?


Hello Jonas!

>>  If you are a coder and want to spend development time yourself, then I
>> suggest you contribute to the PR review instead of spending time
>> building sources and maintaining repositories of your own.
> As a matter of fact I am a coder, however I am not sure if I could be of help here (depends on the used languages and complexity of the code base). As we at Stockpulse are relying on MariaDB and have a good experience in general with the database I would be glad to contribute in one way or another. So I will have a look at the PR and see if I would be able to provide support, instead of trying to compile from source. Thanks for the advice.

You don't need to code yourself or understand the code base, you can
already help by looking at the commit messages, inline comments, SQL
commands and other parts you do understand and comment on them. I also
created a PPA for you so you can install the binaries on Ubuntu 20.04
(but only as a test) and verify that the version in the PR fixes the
issues you reported:

Any thumbs up or comments to the PR will help push it forward in the
review pipeline, as external confirmation is always encouraging to the
reviewer that the PR is correct and valid.

- Otto