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Re: Maria-db refuses to start


Hi Reindl,

Op 08-12-2022 om 08:31 schreef Reindl Harald:
FIRST: can you stop using "rewrite-all" on mailing-lists? when the useless offlist-copy is faster the dupes-filter on our server is supressing the list-copy and you break my reply-list button in thunderbird
OK, I'm sorry for that. But on some other mailing lists people ask explicitly to use reply all, so it's not always easy to do it the right way. But as you can see this goes only to the list.

I agree with you that this thread should com to an end, so I followed your advice, and dumped all my own tables, one by one, in <tablename>.sql files. Checked them, are OK.

<import the dumps as it's normal for postgresql>

I think you mean mysql, not postgresql...

I could dump table mysql as user root. The tables information_schema and performance_schema I could not dump. I suppose that is no problem?

If indeed that is no problem, I think the following steps are necessary:

- give ctrl-\ to the command running the 10.7.7 dbserver to gracefully stop it
- umount the --bind mount to my database files
- rename the directory where my database files are stored,
- create a new, empty datadir in my home directory
  ( I know that is not standard; we discussed it in this thread before.but I have several reasons to want it there.
  After all, it has worked fine this way for some 20 years
  Of course I always can mount --bind it to a more standard place, if  that is necessary or preferable) - delete the file structures created by untarring /usr/local/mariadb-10.6.10-linux-systemd-x86_64.tar.gz and /usr/local/mariadb-10.7.7-linux-systemd-x86_64.tar.gz
- uninstall the mariadb package from the OS
- remove /run/mysql (holds the lock file)
- move /var/log/mysql to a place in my home system

Have I forgotten something?

After that, re-install the package from my OS. I would think the install process creates an empty database,  which I can populate with the dumps just created.

Thanks for all your replies, and sorry for the misunderstandings that made it so hard to help me. Of course that's never been my intention, I hope you can understand that.

that way this thread could come to an end

Hopefully it does...

regards Jogchum

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