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Re: On the Code of Conduct


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On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 2:37 AM, Justin Zheng <justin.zheng@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> But the point of a CoC is that there's some sort of standard for all
> participants to follow. Also, so that people who are unsure of whether they
> want to participate can see what the community values and will allow/not
> allow.
> Also, completely off topic:You write in a pretty frustrating (imo) pedantic
> way that doesn't help get your point across. I'd appreciate it if you didn't
> do that.

  yeah i apologise: i'm... well, here's a graphic illustration from
real-life.  i was in a meeting at a company that was under a lot of
pressure.  i'm not legally permitted to say who they were.  the
meeting was to discuss ways to fix the issues for developers.  when i
started speaking, to describe some ideas, one person actually stood up
and said, "if you don't stop talking i swear i'm going to come over
there and smash your face in".

 now, given that he held a black belt in karate, i had to have a word
with the CTO (which i learned much later that he already had).

 there was absolutely *no* reason as to why this person should have
had such an outburst.  i was simply describing some ideas.  it was
completely neutral.  there was nothing confrontational or
controversial about what i was saying.

 what i *believe* had happened was: i was so depressed and so
distressed by working for that company (records showed that i had
SIXTY days off work due to illness in under a year), that it must have
clearly shown on my face.  he wasn't attacking what i was saying: he
just couldn't cope with even *looking* at me being in such pain and
distress.  it also didn't help that i needed root canal treatment.

 so i believe something similar is happening here.  you're noticing -
subconsciously - the distress and pain that i'm undergoing from
interacting with people, here, as it's something that really can't be