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Re: On the Code of Conduct


Shame on you Luke.

On Mon, 17 Sep. 2018, 9:19 pm Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton, <lkcl@xxxxxxxx>

> On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 11:09 AM, 0xb100d <0xb1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Luke you are spamming (which is worse than trolling)
> > posting links to your crowdfunding page.
>  ok, so i apologise: and at the same time i feel compelled to point
> out three fundamental assumptions that you've made.  (1) you've
> assumed that it's a profit-maximising business (2) you've assumed that
> it was deliberate and intentional (3) you've assumed that i want
> people here to know about that ethical eco-conscious project.
>  it was definitely not intentional.  think about this: given the
> ferocity of the attacks and the "blaming" that's occurred, do you
> *really* imagine that i would want people here to even *know* about
> the project(s) that i'm actively working on?  do you think i want
> their negativity directed at work that i'm doing?  do you think i want
> to risk having them contact people from the project and go, "oh, yeah,
> that fucking moron that keeps on attacking our project, yeah he's a
> total dick, don't buy anything from him, for god's sake!!!!"
>   ... yeah?
>  also: it's an ethical eco-conscious project.  i'm not legally
> permitted to make a profit on it (not permitted to be directly
> associated with a profit-maximising business) during the fulfilment of
> the campaign.
>  so it most certainly is *not* my intent to have people here even
> *know* about that project.  the problem is, i'm barely able to keep up
> with the messages, having been caught off-guard by the ferocity and
> quantity of peoples' responses (even after having unsubscribed), it's
> a ".sig" from gmail, which is often "elided" (hidden), and i forget to
> explicitly look for it and remove it.
>  so, apologies.
>  anyway.  the Titanian's Code of Honour.  let me think for a bit about
> what you suggest, out loud so-to-speak.  do i want to start a "blog"
> (where i would need to spend time and resources evaluating whether and
> how to set one up that complies with the ethical criteria that i set),
> with the specific intent and purpose, spending my time and energy, to
> write something about the Titanian's Code of Honour for people on the
> mimblewimble project to read, posting it here at some point in the
> future for them to consider?
>  let's consider what the consequences of that would be. after spending
> my personal time and energy, taking up my resources to do so when
> there was no offer of compensation or reward or incentive (i.e.
> causing *me* "harm"), chances are quite high that i would then be
> accused once again of "spamming links" (which would cause me "harm"),
> or "advertising" (again, "harm" to me), and given that the project
> leader and others have been so vocal in "blaming" me, i honestly and
> seriously doubt that it would be read, i.e. my time would have been
> wasted (no possibility of reward, therefore "harm" done to me by
> having my time and resources wasted).
>  which is pretty much the definition of violating the Titanian's Code of
> Honour.
>  so a simple thought experiment shows that to do what you suggested
> would in fact be highly unethical.  in the current psychological
> climate of this project, there would actually be significant harm done
> *to me* by taking the action that you suggest.
>  now, if on the other hand there had been an offer of financial
> compensation, or an apology from the developers indicating that they
> really didn't know what had gotten into them, it's like they were
> possessed or something and they're really really sorry for the attacks
> that they've been carrying out, and won't do it again (etc. etc.),
> *then* i would feel that there was a safe environment in which to
> actually contribute.
>  [ i have to tell you: right now i feel *really* intimidated and
> deeply alarmed by the behaviour of people on this list, and in
> absolutely NO WAY encouraged to contribute.  would you? ]
>  so that alone should be a quite useful demonstration of how the
> Titanian's Code of Honour can be applied.
> l.
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