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Re: OOC blog stimulation and wiki extension


On 03.05.2010 04:06, Amos Wenger wrote:
> Fred: I think Fabien's request was mostly to re-read the logs for himself,
> so he knows what to write
> in 'ooc land weekly'. I don't think publishing the logs are necessary for
> tha purpose.

Oh, okay, then I misunderstood. I can provide logs for Fabien if wanted. :-)

> Yeah a news submission system (requiring some moderating work to
> edit/correct/improve news) would be great.

+1! ;-)

> I'm not sure about just allowing other ooc-ers to post on the blog. It's not
> really a system that would work, imho because it either gives too little or
> too much control over the blog, both of which we don't want.

You got a point here. But what about making ooc core developers post to
the blog? (hehe, this sounds like I am desperate to get blog access. You
should know I'm not a great blogger. :D)