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Re: Doubts about how to procced on testing OCA project modules for Odoo


@Nhomar, you are absolutely right for some topics, but the risk of forking
too early is that the maintenance cost for including a fix, an enhancement
or similar is the double. In spanish localization, to accomodate modules
for being 7 and v8 compatible has been a very light task:

   - Put always from openerp.osv and so on on imports.
   - Don't use osv.osv for models.
   - Only one try: .. except: for a concrete module (out of 20).

So my theoretical plan is:

   - Keep the same branch for v7 and v8 until v9 arrives, deprecating some
   things (like the API).
   - If some radical changes are introduced for v8, only modules affected
   by these changes are split in two versions. Technically speaking, I think
   that this can be supported by git subprojects, but I don't know enough git
   for now.
   - When v8 arrives and gets enough traction, if any refactorization is
   needed, we can think on doing with the new API.
   - The same can be applied for new developments: evaluate the mass for
   each version, and decide for which version is convenient to develop it
   (only v8 with new API and so on, or v7/v8 compatible).

Think that having something with only last version compatibility is very
cool (because there is an enhancement here and there), but at the end, this
functionality must be also for old versions, because not all people migrate
to last version (the reasons for this are for another debate).


2014-06-14 21:42 GMT+02:00 Nhomar Hernández <nhomar@xxxxxxxxx>:

> 2014-06-14 14:41 GMT-05:00 Nhomar Hernández <nhomar@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> for v9 also, w
> I mean v8 also.
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