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Re: OCA repositories naming convention


2014-06-30 3:36 GMT-04:30 Guewen Baconnier <guewen.baconnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> > /DR
> Absolutely, I was working on that. Here is the document:
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CfGY7rc60jnpAWvMfNf0pI7fBDAlumwI2jx6f_RJ4_4/edit#gid=0
> Some additional notes:
> * I renamed the '-report/-reports' to '-reporting' so the plural
> question becomes irrelevant ;-)
> * '-tools' vs 'tool' I could not convince myself that for instance
> OCA/account-financial-tool is better than OCA/account-financial-tools.
> Singular sounds very weird to me for 'tools', am I alone?
> * I renamed the '-wkfl/-flows' occurrences to a common '-workflow' suffix
> * Renamed '-utils' to '-tools'


I changed some of theme.

I just want to verify you are agreed and I am doing correctly what we need
with the rename to continue...

I commented as "done" spreadsheets' cell.

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