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Re: OCA repositories naming convention


On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 9:53 AM, Daniel Reis <dgreis@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Please, we need someone to devote himself so we can move forward, this
>> is a blocking position.
> Can the conclusions be summarized, so that we can confirm no one disagrees?
> /DR

Absolutely, I was working on that. Here is the document:

Some additional notes:
* I renamed the '-report/-reports' to '-reporting' so the plural
question becomes irrelevant ;-)
* '-tools' vs 'tool' I could not convince myself that for instance
OCA/account-financial-tool is better than OCA/account-financial-tools.
Singular sounds very weird to me for 'tools', am I alone?
* I renamed the '-wkfl/-flows' occurrences to a common '-workflow' suffix
* Renamed '-utils' to '-tools'

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