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Announcement: OCB 7.0 on github


On 02-07-14 20:30, Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero wrote:
Hi, Stefan,

Is there already something decided about the method to follow? I'm starting to practise with git, and I think we can handle migration with the approach you suggest (ocb-replay script and manually processing the 49 conflicts). I can help in this process, but we should make the switch as soon as possible to avoid this uncomfortable middle situation.

Great timing Pedro ;-)

I just pushed https://github.com/OCA/OCB/tree/7.0, which is an up-to-date version of the replay process as described earlier in this thread.

We can now all visit https://github.com/OCA/OCB/wiki/lp2git-replay and annotate all the failed commits: check out if an alternative fix has been made in Odoo, and if not: propose a new fix on GitHub OCB (and on Odoo).

I found no great problems applying the diff of the server (which was done in one big commit because the bzr history got lost at one point). See here for the details: https://github.com/OCA/OCB/wiki/lp2git-merge-of-lp:ocb-server-7.0

That means OCB on Launchpad is now deprecated, and we can start applying fixes on Git on OCB-7.0. We will, however, not get any new commits from Odoo until we decide on using either the merging or rebasing strategy. And I will probably refrain from running GitHub OCB-7.0 in production myself until all failed commits from the replay process have been clarified, for fear of regressions.


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