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Re: Suggestion for OCA conventions


On 20-10-14 16:52, Sandy Carter wrote:
> What the consensus I seem to get out of this is: Often it is better to
> separate the models (especially in xml), but there are some acceptable
> exceptions:
> * Small changes to models
>   * One to many relationships (single column add to related model)
>   * At some point, a small change becomes to big and the file must be split.
> * All changes are very closely related to a same feature
> * Wizards
> * Connectors (I'm adding this one)
> No one seemed to object to naming the Class, .py file and xml files
> according to the model (or largest model in the case of filenames).
> Is this something we can agree on?

Thanks for writing such a clear motivation! I support your proposal, as
long as refactorings along these lines will not be demanded in reviews
of small bug fixing pull requests in legacy modules.

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