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Re: accomplishments-lens


On jeu. 26 avril 2012 04:26:53 CEST, Jono Bacon wrote:

Sent from my mobile, please forgive my brevity.

On Apr 25, 2012, at 3:37 PM, David Callé<davidc@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

What do you mean by "starting the lens manually" as opposed to in the session?

Starting the lens via the command line as opposed to automatically started by Unity when the Dash is opened for the first time during a session.

Interesting, and what did you say happens when you try to start it with twistd -y /user/share/accomplishments-daemon?

Nothing happens, the lens stays empty and it often ends with an apport window notifying me that twistd crashed, without any traceback or other information. Just the exec path : /usr/bin/twistd

I've tried to run it with /usr/bin/twistd -y /usr/bin/accomplishments-daemon and /usr/bin/twistd -y daemon_exec_dir+"accomplishments-daemon". Both work when I start the lens daemon myself.

-- David