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Re: Software Center instead of gnome-packagekit



2012/12/2 Nathanel Titane <nathanel.titane@xxxxxxxxx>

> In the case that option 2 'wins', what would then be the extent of
> delivering a so called 'well integrate gnome experience'?

Well, when GNOME offers better options we can back to it. I don't think
that GNOME Office will be so complete as LibreOffice on next 5 years, also,
I don't think that is possible to GNOME have a good and user friendly
package manager like USC because they are not a distro and since most of
GNOME developers are from Redhat they don't case about Debish things.

About Web Browser, I think that we can deliver Empathy (now Web) by default
when it accepts flash and also support some kind of plugins.

I don't think that a pure GNOME experience is an option ready for end users
and to be honest I don't understand why we (free software community) like
to make this things that are more ideological than practical.

For people that want a GNOME experience that need lots of tweaks and works
only if you are an Linux expert, we will always have Fedora.

Anyway, if we choose this pure GNOME experience, a Ubuntu GNOME based
distro will appears in weeks because there users waiting for it.


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