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Re: Software Center instead of gnome-packagekit


Everaldo and list;

Everaldo Canuto wrote:

> I don't think that a pure GNOME experience is an option ready for end users
> and to be honest I don't understand why we (free software community) like to
> make this things that are more ideological than practical.

If the idea is to deliver a desktop environment that "just works" for
people, LibreOffice (or OpenOffice) Writer is the only thing that gets
near enough to document exchange with the product on most people's
desktops to be acceptable.  Abiword just isn't there, yet.

So on that point alone, a pure GNOME experience is not optimal.

I can't really comment knowledgeably on the other choices, like
Empathy vs. Firefox or Chromium.  All I can really say there is that
if I have Firefox, I don't bother installing something else.

Plus Ubuntu One is a really useful facility.

> Anyway, if we choose this pure GNOME experience, a Ubuntu GNOME based distro
> will appears in weeks because there users waiting for it.

We individually may have our preference of GNOME vs Unity vs LXDE vs
XFCE vs... but in my mind there is no doubt that vanilla Ubuntu comes
with the most practical selection of basic software, and that Ubuntu
One is really nice to have.

The amount of screwing around with Lubuntu or Xubuntu or GNOME remix
to get it "set up" is an impediment to their use as alternatives.
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