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Re: An interesting blog by Matt Zimmerman touches on docs


Hi Jason,
On 07/09/2010 04:08 PM, Jason Cook wrote:
The inclusion of on-disk documentation should be up to the user and be "package-wide". Having a "documentation" package that has the documentation for all installed applications. The way this would work (at least in theory) is:

    * on instalation of this package
          o finds all installed packages
          o check for documentation
          o download documentation
    * on installation of new package(s)
          o find newly installed packages
          o download new documentation
    * on removal of package
          o remove install documentation

Being done this way allows the user to choose weather documentation is installed by default and conserves disk space by only having the documentation for installed application.This would also eliminate the need to install a separate package (such as openshot-docs) for documentation, it would be added automatically.

That's a reasonable amount of infrastructure development in order to support downloadable, translated docs with the primary goal of supporting the use case of a user who is not connected to the internet. Yet, it assumes they do have an internet connection at other times (in order to download the docs). While it is possible, I tend to think a more strategic direction is increasingly more web based help with increasingly less on-disk help.

Jason Cook

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