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Re: An interesting blog by Matt Zimmerman touches on docs



i'm still a bit puzzled (normal for me)

FileZilla etc.

All are programmes that require the net. What about AbiWord, Gnumeric, or
even Open Office? As all installations of *buntu have a browser then imho,
putting the most up to date wiki page on for that application in html format
makes sense to me (pfd can 'do' links, but it is a long time since I used
that rather expensive programme). Things can never be fully up to date, but
those who have access to update / upgrade would presumably have access to
get updated instructions?



On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 9:30 PM, Kyle Nitzsche

> Hi Jason,
> On 07/09/2010 04:08 PM, Jason Cook wrote:
> > The inclusion of on-disk documentation should be up to the user and be
> > "package-wide". Having a "documentation" package that has the
> > documentation for all installed applications. The way this would work
> > (at least in theory) is:
> >
> >     * on instalation of this package
> >           o finds all installed packages
> >           o check for documentation
> >           o download documentation
> >     * on installation of new package(s)
> >           o find newly installed packages
> >           o download new documentation
> >     * on removal of package
> >           o remove install documentation
> >
> > Being done this way allows the user to choose weather documentation is
> > installed by default and conserves disk space by only having the
> > documentation for installed application.This would also eliminate the
> > need to install a separate package (such as openshot-docs) for
> > documentation, it would be added automatically.
> >
> That's a reasonable amount of infrastructure development in order to
> support downloadable, translated docs with the primary goal of
> supporting the use case of a user who is not connected to the internet.
> Yet, it assumes they do have an internet connection at other times (in
> order to download the docs). While it is possible, I tend to think a
> more strategic direction is increasingly more web based help with
> increasingly less on-disk help.
> Cheers,
> Kyle
> > Jason Cook
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