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Re: Screenshot highlighting


On 05/18/2012 12:02 AM, Andrew Montag wrote:

Here I would need to point out several things: the *Files* button, the
*More* button, and the, *Download file* button.

This one could use the *Share folder* button highlighted.

A draft of how I would do it:

Can anyone think of why either numbers or letters would be better, 1-2-3 vs A-B-C?

With numbers, you need 2 digits once you leave 9 behind. But does either style have an advantage regarding recognition or sorting?

Now that I get to looking around at all the screenshots I have taken,
these are about the only two that could use it, and that's because they
are shots of the busy web UI. Most shots of the desktop are pretty
self-explanatory. Maybe poll the authors and see how many shots would
benefit from highlights. For my section its about 2/10, so hardly worth

Yes, highlighting should be avoided, if there isn't a recurring need.

Thorsten Wilms

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