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Re: Upstream vs packaged texlive


If I remember correctly at the time we thought people would have
concerns about running a script that set up their computer for them (the
idea of running something without really knowing what it does). Plus
it's a pretty basic script, which has it's problems.

I forwarded the email from the list to you (the one that I attached the
script to), so you can check it out. As for altering it for either
manual, it's really a simple change of bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual
ubuntu-manual-saucy to bzr branch lp:lubuntu-manual lubuntu-manual-saucy
(or whatever the appropriate branch name is).

Feel free to tweak it and do whatever you need to it.

Have a great day.:)

On Mon, 2013-06-10 at 10:39 -0700, Jonathan Marsden wrote: 
> Patrick,
> On Mon, Jun 10, 2013, at 04:22 AM, Patrick Dickey wrote:
> > Well the nice thing about all of this is, if you create the script for
> > the lubuntu manual, and the packaged version of texlive works for
> > compiling the ubuntu-manual, then it would be minor changes to make
> > your script work for ubuntu as well.
> Other way around.  It now works for Ubuntu Manual in either Lubuntu
> or Ubuntu.  I only just created an (empty) bzr branch for the
> proposed lubuntu manual, so there is no script that sets things up
> for working that yet :)
> > I have a script (if you search the archives) that runs through the
> > entire process also.
> Interesting... why wasn't it promoted on the web pages of ubuntu-
> manual.org as the easy way to get started in the project?  I had no idea
> I was re-inventing the wheel here!
> > Of course on the flip side of that coin, your script might work better
> > than mine (even for people installing the upstream version). So, I'd
> > be interested in seeing your script as well.
> It's checked in to the Ubuntu Manual repository in the pkgs/
> subdirectory.  Update your local branch and you will see it.  Take a
> look :)
> > In the interest of full disclosure, I do my writing for the Ubuntu
> > Manual on a Lubuntu desktop, and create my screenshots or whatever on
> > my laptop--which runs whatever version of ubuntu we're writing for.
> > So, I can tell you that the instructions on the site do work for
> > Lubuntu users as well as Ubuntu users.
> Sure.  But they are longer than I'd like, and use unpackaged software so
> users need to know and remember a "special" way to update that software,
> which in practice many will forget.
> I plan to test creation of each translated manual using the packaged
> texlive in Raring.  If that works, I'll advocate strongly for the
> ubuntu-
> manual.org site being changed to document using those packages rather
> than the upstream unpackaged texlive.
> Jonathan

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