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Re: Glossary issue


On 06/29/2013 02:52 AM, Kevin Godby wrote:

> It looks like the glossaries package provided by upstream TeX Live has
> been updated and the PDF compiles just fine without the workaround.
> So now we have to make a decision:
> 1. Leave the workaround in place until the Ubuntu/Debian packages get
> updated (or until their tlmgr works).
> 2. Ditch the Ubuntu/Debian packages and use upstream TeX Live.

Is there a downside to (1) ?  Are the resulting PDFs uglier or in any
sense "worse" than the ones made without the workaround?

If the Debian packagers of TexLive are on the ball, and repackage the
newest TeX Live in the next few months, their work will be synced
automatically into Saucy, so no problem anyway :)

I'm biased towards continuing to allow package use, since it is what we
told our Lubuntu folks to do, as well as my personal preference in
general for software management on Debian/Ubuntu machines.


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