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Re: ownCloud app.


Great! So glad to hear this is moving ahead. Yep, point taken about possible breakages. For me, I've been expecting to bork my install at some point and have to wipe everything, or at the least to need to reinstall owncloudcmd with every update. I've been pleasantly surprised to find out that I've been more or less able to leave things in place - at least for the moment. I'm aware this is more a hack than an end-user solution, but great to find that something is possible at the moment.

Sounds like this mailing list is the go for owncloud - works fine for me. Daniel, I'm looking forward to seeing this as a launchpad project. For now, I'm going to have a go syncing my owncloud contacts manually, and see what I come up with. I'll post back when I have something viable working.



On 15/08/14 22:18, Daniel Holm wrote:

Hi everyone,

Love the response!

First, I think we should stay here [the mail list ] for the moment. Easier to find if others will google anything regarding this in the future, and won't force a G+ account.

Also, thank you for all the pointers and info - I will take a closer look.

I will set up a project for this at launchpad and give you all a link to start the actual development and discussion.

After that I will paint a picture of an idea how to do this, and until then any ones ideas are welcome :)


Den 15 aug 2014 10:47 skrev "Michael Zanetti" <michael.zanetti@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:michael.zanetti@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>>:

    On Friday 15 August 2014 09:52:44 Oliver Grawert wrote:
    > hi,
    > Am Freitag, den 15.08.2014, 09:34 +0200 schrieb Michael Zanetti:
    > > Cool stuff.. I'm a bit worried that you're just lucky though.
    Not really
    > > sure if its a good idea to install something manually and
    switch back to
    > > OTA upgrades. But I'm no expert on OTA stuff. Maybe someone
    else can shed
    > > some light how to do such a thing more reliable.
    > there are surely 100 non-obvious things that will break :)
    > the obvious one is that after the first OTA your apt and dpkg
    > are replaced with the ones from the image. so everything you
    > is gone from them and the system will not know about them anymore.
    > most likely your binaries will still be there (not much
    different from
    > what you get by compiling stuff from source and running a "make
    > install".)

    Ok. I don't see that much of an issue as such installed stuff won't be
    upgraded by apt or OTA anyways. So not real need to keep it in the apt
    database I guess.

    > if your package registers with the system anywhere (i.e. a new
    > plugin that registers with the system gstreamer database) this
    will be
    > overwritten as well ...

    This is obviously more critical, however in this particular case not
    problematic either.

    > if you don't install any complex things with only libs and binaries
    > manual install and switching back to OTA will work. as soon as your
    > packages interact with the system at installl time to register
    to some
    > system configuration, this configuration will be removed by OTA
    > upgrades.

    Hmm ok... So it seems that in cases where you really just install
    a binary
    (e.g. copying it to /usr/bin/) this is actually a viable option
    and won't
    break on OTA updates? That's great to know. I was always worried
    that any
    modification in rw mode would very likely cause future OTA
    upgrades to fail
    and leave you with a broken system.

    Thanks for the explanations Oli!


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