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Re: Some basic ideas for Ubuntu TV.


On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 16:17, Jo-Erlend Schinstad
<joerlend.schinstad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Den 29. nov. 2011 00:15, skrev Callum Saunders:
>> Yes. but wifi not bluetooth. Bluetooth has range resrictions and is a
>> major battery hog, whereas most people will have wifi on in their homes
>> anyway. It also means that all ubuntu devices in a home can be connected all
>> the time as long as they are on the wifi.
> Bluetooth uses far less bandwidth than WLAN. In any case, you can't have
> more users connected at once, since the TV connects to one particular
> laptop, which belongs to the current user.
> Jo-Erlend Schinstad

What about being able to use either WiFi or Bluetooth? That keeps
everyone happy, right?

In that entire day, I didn't see the point of logging in to the TV? It
only happened once, and it still doesn't seem required.

There shouldn't be more than one interface. Having two interfaces is
inconsistent and confusing. Instead of trying to integrate all of
Ubuntu into the TV version, we should instead focus on making it
simple to transition from one device to another. When I get notified
of an important email while watching TV, easily let me answer on the
computer, maybe bringing the video over to the computer with me. Then,
let me go back to the TV easily.

The fact is, there aren't computers in TVs, and putting full computers
into them isn't the point. At that point, you may as well buy an extra
large monitor. TV's are different devices, for different purposes, and
while I can definitely respect some aspects of screen sharing, being
able to do everything I do on a computer on a TV isn't the way to go.
That's the reason why netboooks are dying off; they're a device trying
to be something they aren't. Let's not make smartTV the next netbook.

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