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Re: "Power information" notifications


Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
David Siegel wrote:
1. Confirmation that the AC adapter was plugged in and the computer is now charging (some laptops have finicky plugs).
The charging emblem on the icon should show that, as should the title "*AC power*".
 2. (Maybe) how much time remains until the battery is fully charged.
This is trickier. I can see the arguments for both "how long till fully charged" and "how long if you unplug right now". But I'd prefer to convey only one number in the body. I'm happy, in the case of plugging in, only to show the time till fully charged since the icon will give a sense of how full it would be.


Yes. You don't need the time remaining information until you go off AC power, at which point a notification bubble would convey that information.