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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity?


On 08/02/12 13:13, C. Cooke wrote:
What about thinking about some research into the top five or six things that people find confusing or frustrating during the first few days of use? It's that time period which really makes the first impression, after all.

The first hour is make-or-break, and we research that rigorously, every few months. We call it baseline testing, because we always do the same routine: sit a new, un-prejudiced user down in front of the current snapshot of Ubuntu or its competitors, tell them they have just been given a new PC, camera, USB stick etc, and invite them to get a list of things done. Things like surfing the web, sending email, sharing a photo with friends via Flickr, etc. The list is the same, so we can compare the effectiveness of Ubuntu as it evolves.

And the great news is that Ubuntu has improved, by this test, tremendously. Of course, all the apps in Ubuntu are improving, which helps a lot. But the Unity team's work - both on design and implementation - deserves a lot of the credit too.

Many of the changes made stem from that research and testing. Not all of them. But even the crazier bits can be tested in isolation to gain confidence or shape insights. There's no guarantee we don't have to go backwards occasionally (c.f. dodging launcher) but it's definitely true we are, on balance, racing ahead.