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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity?


On 08/02/12 14:23, Petko wrote:
On 02/08/2012 03:40 PM, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

You didn't answer the question. The total number of options will stay the same or decrease. Which TWO options do you propose to remove, since in your view they are less important than the option to have a window-dodging launcher?

The thing is I think the question is flawed . For me the optimum (for this option) is three (taking into account all the user psychology stuff) . (and if I really have to choose it would be your choice ,but I don't think that matters)

I didn't phrase the question well, sorry.

The total number of preferences, settings, and options across the WHOLE ubuntu system should stay constant or decrease. Which two options from anywhere in System Settings would you propose to remove, to fit this new option into the budget?

I see what you mean , but I just don't think that the current problem can generate such a situation in the real world (more than one in ,say, 20 000) . I would just put it to the test , because as I said in my previous mail , I don't think we can science out this particular situation . On the next test wave (I don't remember how you formulated the testing process) just make the users try out customizing their system ( as you probably do) with the three step option in behaviour . Say :

*Launcher behaviour *: O always visible
                                      O  auto hide
                                      O dodge windows

One more thing (I should have thought of earlier) - if you expose a user to auto-hide and expect him to know how to make the launcher show up , I'd say the same user would know what to try out when the launcher disappears in "dodge windows" mode .

We do test this with users. I've described the results. It's expensive to test, so it's worth simply applying what we have learned in the past, rather than testing everything for every micro-change.

What we have learned in the past is that users who experience the dodge separate from an actual immediate consequence to their own action, are confused by it. That makes the dodge a bad, broken idea. Period. No matter how much you may love it, or I may love it, it's not a good idea to expose to users.


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