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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity?


On 02/08/2012 05:57 PM, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

I wasn't suggesting that we would drop another option just because you suggested it.

I wasn't either :?
I'm trying to coach you to step back and think about the thing you are proposing in the broader context of a complex system that new users have to feel excited and liberated by. You're asking to make one piece of that harder. I'm asking which OTHER piece you propose to make simpler, to retain balance.

Being unable to answer is not a good starting point for the rest of this conversation ;-)

It's just that I'm pro optimization of the components one by one (where they are not interconnected) , and you're pro keeping strict track of the sum of things . I think the answer is in the middle (maybe some more in your end , but still) . I'll add here , that I understand that unlike you I'm not burdened with 40 other similar situations that call for some kind of compromise , and that is bound to invoke difference in opinion . But for this exact case I'm still with the idea that making this a three choice option will only lead to benefits .

Thank you, thank you, I look forward to reading the results of all the micro-testing you do!
I sense sarcasm which leads me to believe I've offended you in some way . I'm sorry if I did , I have great respect for your work , but apparently I'm not the most tactful person (I do try to be) .
And we would certainly incorporate the results of testing into the work.

I actually want to make limited survey (I can find 5-6 people at least) , but it would be better to make it in the manner that you do , so that the results are most usable . If you can direct me to some source .. donno , for ex. where you hold discussions surrounding the surveys .. so I can read and get an idea about things .
But if you were suggesting how I should spend my time and money, no, I don't think this warrants more expense beyond what we have already devoted to it.
I'm in no way telling you what to do with anything . I just had an idea how to optimize the testing process (via including some microchanges - not more testers , just some small variables to analyse) .

I feel this topic should be reaching a conclusion soon , but the fact that I don't know what other compromises you compare this one to, is kind of a handicap . I haven't seen a blueprint with those things , so I'll assume you have them ordered in your head . We can either start a more general discussion about them , or drop the issue (I like paying attention to detail , but it would be nearly pointless to continue the discussion much further) .


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