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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity?



i know autohide offers more space and less distraction. heck i'd prefer
pretty much anything over always visible at this point because i do find it
annoying and distracting when i've got a maximized window.  that said i can
still work almost as well, if not as well, with the launcher always visible
instead of autohidden so while i would prefer autohide over always visible
i don't feel that it really offers any *real* benefit (productivity, not
enjoyment) over always visible.

yes it might offer real benefit to a particular user. so might have dodge
windows is all a lot of us have been saying and have had our opinions on
that shrugged off.

yes the mixing would change the current two options into variants of the
current dodge but only when the setting was turned on and as i said it
wouldn't be on by default. yes the first setting does have that problem
although i don't see why that should be such a hard thing to fix and if
someone is willing to check out the non-default settings i don't see the
problem with making it easier to figure out. then again i think the idea
is salvageable and Mark apparently doesn't.

i don't see the issue with them putting a lot of weight on the initial
experience.  i just don't like the way it seems like that's all they focus
on sometimes. like a good initial experience will make for the best overall
experience. while it will help improve a lot of areas it isn't always the
i somewhat recently got to try using an Ipad.  the initial experience was
great, i thought it was a pretty cool gadget but it didn't last. the more i
use the thing the more i find that it is overall not a good experience to
yes, it's simple and easy to use but it's almost too dumbed down. it has
it's uses but there's no way i'd tell anyone to go buy an ipad when there
are better options.
i'm not saying the unity experience will fall in the same way. i'm pretty
sure it won't.  i'm just saying when they focus so much on one zone of the
experience the others can end up paying for it.  i don't see the problem
with having some options and features that are not default which aren't so
grand for new users but that other users will still enjoy because as you
said "most users are beginners only for a short time and the majority will
reach and stay at some intermediate level."


your statement ". And dodge failed the testing. You need to accept that."
 seems to me that you're focusing on something other than i am.

the reason for my post before was that i'm still wondering why bad test
results means it's such a bad thing that it needed to be completely removed
instead of fixed.
all i saw was that it was bad for most new users.  to me that means it's
obviously a bad choice for a default as it is right now but doesn't mean it
should be entirely removed or given up on.
i also saw that you wanted to keep code lean but considering that there are
a decent number of current users who like it and even prefer it.  i would
think that would give it enough of a reason to be left in as an option to
be refined and tested again later instead of just being tossed out.
somewhere in your reply i gathered that the dodge windows option caused
further complication of things outside of just it's code alone.
that i can see as an undesirable thing and a reasonable explanation as to
why you don't want it in unity. i may not agree with the choice to trash it
instead of fix it but i can at least somewhat respect it now.

we're looking at refinement differently here.  you seem to be looking at
individual branches separately being improved as refinement where as i was
looking at it as simply what option offered me the smoothest most enjoyable
use of the launcher.  i'm thinking the most refined launcher not the most
refined option for the launcher.

from your e-mail address i would infer that you are boring and uncreative.
 nah, just Joshing you. i'm sure you just want something a bit more serious
for what's likely a work e-mail.
you should be careful what you judge people on though. i'm not any more of
a crusader than you are.

don't assume that someone hasn't spent a day thinking about something
already. i spent more than that before the first reply.

Josh Strawbridge