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Re: HUD: reduce clutter by removing repeated information


On 28. feb. 2012 03:46, Dub wrote:
The only problem I see if the fact that those are not the final paths. If he typed in Middle Eastern and it displayed like that, I would probably agree 100%.

But now actually spending a few minutes to look at it, I retract my 1+ I don't think it should change because those are suggestive paths. And in this case it makes sense to repeat (especially since they will not always be the same path, this is a small exception).

I have never suggested not displaying the paths when you can't know for certain that all paths obviously are the same, such as for a group of leaf nodes. It's not very important to me, of course. It would just make things cleaner, and reduce the need to chop parts of the path when it isn't necessary.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad