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Re: Is there a reason Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right/Up/Down was disabled?


On 27/02/12 23:14, Ian Santopietro wrote:
On a slightly related note, aren't we over-using the<super>  key? At this
point, if you want to be a shortcut afficionado, your finger will never
leave the<super>  key except perhaps to hit alt. There are a couple more key
combinations that still don't use<super>, somebody quick, file bugs! ;)
I don't have a problem with this, to be honest. To me, the Super Key
was always underused; now it feels like it's stepping into the light
again. It's got an OS icon on it, and that (in my opinion) makes it
perfect for OS-level functions.

We're in danger of overusing it right now, so please don't pile on!