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Re: Is there a reason Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right/Up/Down was disabled?


On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 20:07, Jonathan Meek <shrouded.cloud@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> I'd like to point out that the new key combination presents quite an
> annoying behavior as well: Whenever I test <super>+shift+arrow, if I delay
> a little too long, the shortcuts overlay pops up and obscures my view of
> the content. And If I'm just trying to check what's on that desktop, that's
> a usability issue, no?

yes, i'm experiencing the same issues..
if i were a developer, i'd be glad to hear suggestions as to how one could
improve this situation reasonably.

> On a slightly related note, aren't we over-using the <super> key? At this
> point, if you want to be a shortcut afficionado, your finger will never
> leave the <super> key except perhaps to hit alt. There are a couple more
> key combinations that still don't use <super>, somebody quick, file bugs! ;)

if you're not sure it's a bug, don't call it that.
If you won't call it a bug, don't ask others to do so.
Using [SUPER] on a window-management level is absolutely what the key is
cut out for.
The other modifiers are often already mapped within creative software
suites, the help zooming, grabbing and moving, extruding and duplicating in
an intuitive and fast way, as if they were additional mouse keys.

The only way to really avoid breaking these application specific bindings
of modifier keys is to assign one main modifier to the window management
operations, and to free the other keys for application specific usage.

Unity is on it's way there, if i guessed correctly.