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Re: What about slightly rearranging the order of the power-cog entries?


>>>The point is that it is NOT a Control Center panel that it launches. 
This is not true. I've had a chance to check a few different installs of ubuntu on different computers. 
Clicking System Settings > Printers launches a Control Center panel. The same dialog box that is launched if "Printing" is clicked in System Settings.
Is the Power-Cot entry intended to be a shortcut to the "Printing" selection in System Settings? 

launches an action queue for Printers.
The only thing launching an action queue for printers is when the Indicator icon in the panel is clicked (which appears when a print job is pending)).

This arrangement would seem more logical to me:

System Settings
Software Up To Date
Attached Devices
Lock Screen
Log Out
Shut Down


Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 12:58:05 -0500
Subject: [Unity-design] Are there plans to add "Reboot" item to the power-cog menu in panel?
From: shrouded.cloud@xxxxxxxxx
To: nrundy@xxxxxxxxxxx; unity-design@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yeah, I've clicked it.
for me clicking "printers" in the Power-Cog and clicking "Printing" in the System Settings launches the exact same panel/window. If a difference exists, this weakens the case for changing the order.

The point is that it is NOT a Control Center panel that it launches. It launches an action queue for Printers. Not a settings panel integrated into the settings app. Yes, they do activate the same thing, but I'm of the opinion that that is more an issue of the fact that we haven't thought some of these things all the way out. Mixed metaphors if you will. Thus, we have to consider what we KNOW to be thought out the canonical pattern to heed. Hence a distinction.

 Yes, integral for a desktop. But many people connect laptops to monitor. I was also envisioning this scenario.

And just as integral to a laptop... They do come with a screen attached. And this still doesn't change that you are only playing with settings for that. By and large, you don't have any actionable things. You're going to set it up and the most you'll interact or get action out of a monitor further is rotating it or turning it on/off. A Printer you have things you can do with it.