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Re: Add Dodge Feature Back to Unity


On 05/03/2012 09:38 AM, Benjamin Tegge wrote:

That depends on what you mean by not respecting the needs of longtime users. The vast majority is supposed to be upgrading from 10.04 to 12.04, they never had that feature. You probably mean advanced users that have seen Unity evolve and that have their own opinions about UI and UX design. Those are free to install the customized packages provided by the community and in six month they will move on to a new release and try different things out.

No, I think the vast majority of users upgrade every release, not just Long-Term Support releases. I would rather have a simple option in CCSM than have to get special packages from the web, then from there unpack them... Again, I think an option would not be a problem. Unity needs to be more customisable, not less, which is what we are doing here by removing options. Thanks!

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