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Re: Add Dodge Feature Back to Unity


Am 04.05.2012 00:55 schrieb "Conscious User" <conscioususer@xxxxxxxxx>:
> You have been told more than once that part of the problem is
> the burden on developers, yet you never addressed that.
> If you insist on ignoring this argument, you give the impression
> that you don't care how burdened the developers are, which is
> a disrespect to them.

Thank you, well put.

Sadly this topic is again moving in the wrong direction. Why do we have to
argue? We now have people in the community willing to maintain custom
patched versions of Unity, some may already call that forking. Forking
doesn't have to be bad, take the popular Cyanogen Mod for example, they are
doing amazing things with Android and some modifications even get merged
with the mainline Android.

As for Unity, if the patched version would install and integrate nicely
alongside with Unity, like another session to choose from at login, most
security and stability concerns would be gone, since there would still be
the default Unity. I would say the first step has already been made. Now
let's bring the people together that are willing to hack custom features
into Unity.