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Re: The Software Updater should show just the source package to update


Hi Sunil

In 12.10 certainly (and possibly 12.04, I can't remember) the first
software updater window morphs into the progress dialog, essentially
solving that problem


On 27/12/12 11:14, Sunil Singh Rana wrote:
> Hey Friends,
>                       Thank you all for the great work. I also had one
> suggestion about software updater. I don't understand why it has to
> have an extra window to show download and install process as when this
> is happening we can't do anything with the first window. When one
> click install update why not show the download progress in front of
> the package in the list of packages to be updated and use the lower
> box, that is used to show change log of the update of a particular
> package, to show the terminal like install progress. :)
> Thanks once again... 
> On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 12:45 AM, Dylan McCall <dylanmccall@xxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:dylanmccall@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 10:57 AM, Marco Biscaro
>     <marcobiscaro2112@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:marcobiscaro2112@xxxxxxxxx>>
>     wrote:
>     > It's looking very nice, much, much better than before, but
>     wouldn't the "Ubuntu base" group be too much cluttered? For
>     example, in the following screenshot a lot of unity-related
>     packages are grouped with a lot of gstreamer-related packages and
>     other things not related to either of them. Couldn't this be better?
>     You're right, that can get very cluttered. Fortunately, that's where
>     my implementation isn't meeting the specification right now, so I'm
>     working on fixing that. Instead, Ubuntu base should only be for the
>     ubuntu-desktop meta package, and other packages like overlay-scrollbar
>     should be listed as usual, grouped with the same logic we use to group
>     applications (but without the icons and application names, of course).
>     The refactoring I mentioned is about making that grouping logic more
>     sensible and less application-centric.
>     Dylan
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