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Re: end user ajustable Global menu Blacklist


First of all thank you for your reply it is nice to see such concerns actually being responded to.

Yes, when I first saw that the menus were hidden, I reported it as a
bug. <http://launchpad.net/bugs/732653>

It seems we agree on this point sadly, the log on the bug shows lots of foot dragging on the issue in the form of tag and status changes.

I disagree, though it's a polite disagreement. :-) But even if Mark was
right, that wouldn't help the millions using Ubuntu 11.10, 12.04 LTS,
12.10, or 13.04. And most Ubuntu applications -- even most default
applications -- are developed primarily for HUD-less platforms, so it
will be a challenge to get their developers interested.

I have put thought on this one Ubuntu has a rather large market share for a desktop Un*x-like system sadly, this could be used to force applications developers to adapt to unity and brake compatibility with more traditional systems ie. (Foo)Box, FVWM, KDE, Trinity, Mate, Mint's cinnamon.

I would caution that Ubuntu should be humble and try its best to make it's HUD work with applications. not make applications adapt to HUD.

As far as this menu problem if no one is working on it after I am done with BCT and AIT I will start hacking on the problem myself.

In the mean time can anyone drop me a hint on were I can find the Documentation for the Unity Panel's code base? Never too early to start studying that and it gives me something to wheel about in my head.

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