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Re: Do we have "quick" pipeline on gitlab?


On Mon, 18 May 2020 at 19:16, Janek Kozicki (yade) <jkozicki-yade@xxxxxxxxx>

>  They are listed in the pipeline and marked as
> success, but inside you only have "Skipping this test, because it's a
> WIP merge request."
Oooooh! That's why it looks as long as usual but it's faster!
I'm sorry, obviously I lost track at some point. :)

Maybe think about upgrading your pc to 20.04 :)

Man... You can't imagine. If I install it by myself it will be ok but I
will not have access to univ intranet.
I thus rely on IT service, but IT is not yet ready to migrate from 16 to 18
(I asked many times). They have issues with multiple things.
That's ok. I can live with schroot/docker and friends, I will have to.
I know I have a long email somewhere with all your instructions to do so. :)


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