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Re: yade-flat


> If it doesn't work, then simply use yade-flat. Although the project will
> need updating, I havent checked it recently.
> Updating means - removing all files from the project, and re-adding them
> again. So that new files will be added, and those with changed filenames
> will be readded correctly.

first run make clean, to make sure that there are no unnecessary 'moc_*'
files. Then run:


then open flat.kdevelop project in directory yade-flat. Then in QMake
Manager window remove all files (*.hpp, *.tpp, *.cpp). And after
removing them, add them all again. Now it is fixed and you should be
able to compile inside kdevelop. (it because it is very likely that this
qmake project is outdated, and it includes files that do no longer

To add that -fPIC flag, in QMake Manager right click on in upper window
on "src" subproject, choose "Subproject Settings", click tab named "Build".

In upper section "Compiler" you can add this flag. Both to "Debug
flags:" and "Release flags".

Now when you click to compile, whole yade should compile and run. There
are still few problems:

- to run yade from inside kdevelop you still need LD_LIBRARY_PATH, so 
simply set it inside terminal _before_ starting kdevelop

- yade-flat scans plugin directories to check what classes are available
  for the factory. But the factory creates classes using their binary
  image from inside yade executable. This has following meaning for you:

  - if you make a new class in yade but there will be NO SUCH FILE in
    yade-libs directories, then yade-flat will be unable to create this

  - I repeat, yade-flat uses internal binary to create classes, those
    files in yade-libs can have size ZERO and yade-flat will still work
    because only their filenames are used, and nothing more.

That's a bug of yade flat. But with above precautions it will work from
inside kdevelop as a single program. So kdevelop's debugging must work
with it.

Janek Kozicki                                                         |
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