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So I think that we have agreed that the basic criterion for the name
is that it must be an outstanding phonetic name, most preferably with
a real meaning.

My idea for voting (starting from monday) is that every person will:

  - give points from 0 to 10 for each name. 

  - the average of all points given should be  5 +/- 2 (it means that
    you shouldn't give 10 to everything because it won't tell us which
    name you like and which you don't)

The name with highest amount of points wins.

I want to multiple Frederic's votes *2 if he agrees, because he is the
person who finds all the funding for this project. 

If there are several winning names, the Frederic's vote has preference.

The list is still not complete! I hope for more input from other
people who subscribed to this list. Please don't hesistate to give
your ideas.

On monday, before we open the voting I will check all the names if
they are already used. So some will fall off from this list, just
like we can't use the name "Newton".

Here's the growing list:

  Isis (egyptian mythology)
  Nemesis (greek mythology)
  Newton      : sorry already used - http://newton.sourceforge.net/
  Oppie (program Opie already exists)

  OX-frame         : open explicit framework (obviously :))
  Opsidyan         : open software in dynamic analysis 
  Obsidian         - O(b)pen S(i)oftware for D(i)ynamic ANalysis.
  Edyc             : explicit dynamic code, or even :
  Edy              : explicit dynamics
  DCP              : dynamic/discrete computation platfrom
  Dicop            - dynamic/discrete computation platfrom
  ODCP             : open dynamic computation platfrom 
  OSPEM            : open source platform for explicit methods
  OPEC/OPEX/OPEXCO : open platform for explicit computing
  OFEC/OFEX/OFEXCO : open framework for explicit computing
  Oxnam            : open and explicit

  Pdm      - Platform for Dynamical Modeling
  Pnm      - Platform For Numerical Modeling
  Carss    - Computational And Research Software for Scientists
  Vidaic   - Vidaic Is Delivering An Interplatform Computation
  Sweet    - Scientific Workbench for Explicit Engineering Theories
  Eos      - Extensible Open Simulation
  Nodem    - Not Only Discrete Element Method

  OpenDEMP : the Open source Discrete and Explicit/Element Method Platform 
  OpenDEM  : the Open source Discrete and Explicit/Element Method

  yade     - current name. You can vote for that too.

# Janek Kozicki
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