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Re: all yade users, please introduce yourself!


I can honestly tell you what I have at this moment, the OpenFOAM solver and YADE are working well with each other, the function Sergei mentioned about exporting YADE's data to paraView is also available and working well (also one to FeatPost), you might see these screenshots in my webpage (sheet pile and fluidized bed), but there are still some internal problems with the solution equations, that is why I do not release the code at this time. You are OK to ask me questions if you have trouble with this procedure.

This is impressive!
We have slower (Stokes) flow and denser material than in the fluidized bed problem. The 1D soil example you show is a good prototype of the type of problems we want to solve.
Our mesh is tetrahedral with spheres at vertices.

What is the balance between Yade and openFOAM cpu time in your examples?


p.s. I created a launchpad team "DEM fluid coupling", waiting approval for the mailing list.

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