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Re: Elastic energy


(If an interaction is broken, then it is a different issue, i.e. that
dissipated energy of broken interactions should be saved somehow, since
otherwise we lose the number).

the calculation of plasticDissipation is incremental. If the contact
breaks, then nothing is lost, you only stop incrementing it.
Good point. Something is missed each time a contact is lost, since this contact dissipated something on [t,t+dt] even if it is lost at time t+dt. This can be negligible in dense packing (triaxial) but significant in bouncing spheres.
It doesn't explain the excessive growth of plasticE though...

I'm wondering if the problem is not just the time integration scheme : if a bouncing is described in 2-3 steps, the approximation of derivatives is horrible, and it might well create energy artificialy. Perhaps Cundall introduced global damping for a reason...


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